Kozocom.Inc. (referred to as "Our Company") complies with the Personal Data Protection Law and other relevant laws and strives to properly handle as well as protect information such as personal information. Our Company will handle user information as below.

Article 1 (Application)

This privacy policy (below is "this policy") applies to the utilisation of our services. In case our service is related to the benefit provided by third parties but not our company (referred to as "affiliate service"), the terms of this policy are invalid.

Article 2 (What and How the information we get)

  1. For services in our company, we abide by the regulations as below: Be able to get user information including personal information (Personal information defined in Clause 1 Article 2 Personal Information Protection Law)
    1. (1) Information provided by users
      In order to improve the service, our company collects information: username, gender, date of birth, address, mail, and phone number.
  2. When obtaining the user's information, our company is guaranteed not to be used it illegally, otherwise, it will handle information appropriately. If we get information about users in other ways, we will notify them of the purpose in advance.

Article 3 ( Purpose of use)

  1. When using our services, we will gather information and properly process user information for the following purposes. We do not use information outside the scope without user consent.
    1. (1) Provide, maintain, improve our services
      ・For the purpose of improving our service facilities
    2. (2) Notify users, perform reciprocity, etc.
      ・To improve the convenience of our services
    3. (3) Supply for 3rd party
      ・For the purpose of improving our service facilities
  2. Our company may change the purpose of using the above item, linking of the above use purpose, within the permissible range, we will notify in case of any changes, or post on the web operated by our company, or posted on other media.

Article 4 (Provided to a 3rd Party)

We do not disclose personal information to third parties without the user's consent, except as required or permitted by applicable laws.

Article 5 (Delegation of processing personal information)

We may delegate the processing of all or part of personal information obtained from users to third parties to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of use. In this case, the company will sign a confidential agreement etc. about this policy with the third party in advance and will conduct essential and appropriate monitoring so that the third party can ensure appropriate confidentiality management.

Article 6 (General Use)

The Company may use personal information obtained from users with affiliated companies and other third parties to the extent necessary to provide the affiliated services. In this case, the company must disclose in advance the contents of the information to be shared. The scope of information, the purpose of use, and the name and title of the users responsible for managing those information will be made public.

Article 7 (Safety Management System)

  1. In order to prevent leakage, loss or damage of user information as well as protect other user information, the company restricts access to personal information files, limiting the owners of access rights to the minimum necessary and preventing unauthorized access from the outside. We take necessary and appropriate measures to manage user information in a safe way, such as introducing security software to prevent access.
  2. The company will appoint a person in charge of user information management who will consistently improve how user information is managed.

Article 8 (Users have the right to disclose and edit personal information)

For actions such as disclosing, correcting, deleting or stopping the use of personal information on our services (referred to as "disclosures" etc.), please contact us at the address below provided for in Article 10. However, if our company is unable to comply with these obligations due to the Personal Information Protection Law or other laws, if the same request is repeated multiple times without reason, or unreasonable reasons, or if excessive technical work is required, these procedures may not be possible.

Article 9 (Changes to Policy)

The Company may change this policy from time to time as necessary. We will notify you of the revised policy by posting it on our service, on a website operated by our company, or by other straightforward methods.

Article 10 (Contact)

If you have any comments, questions, complaints, or other requests regarding our handling of user information, please contact us described in the "Contact Us" section below. In principle, we will only respond to inquiries via e-mail. In addition, we are under no obligation to answer questions, unless required by applicable laws.

Inquiries are relevant to personal information and other users, please contact the address below.

Email :

Established September 25, 2019.