Kozocom's promise to new members.

You can get a job with an environment where you can challenge yourself.

You can get an environment of equal communication with Experienced business members.

We prepare a full benefits package for you
such as transportation expenses, insurance such as social insurance, and lunch expenses.

Aiming to be a company that can solve social issues,
enjoy the work that we spend most time doing in our lives.

I want kozocom to be like a ship that makes the lives of end users, client companies and kozocom members richer and more enjoyable.
I aim to be a company that enables people to enjoy the work they spend a lot of time doing in their lives, and to solve social issues that enrich their own lives.
KOZOCOM will provide you with opportunities that will lead you to the career of your choice.

Representative Director Kei Hiramatsu



  • People who are working or want to work in the IT industry as engineers.
  • People who like the internet and want to create new services and products.
  • People who want to work more freely and in their own way, without being trapped by preconceived ways of working.



Business development

  • People who can do business planning
  • People who like the internet
  • People who have an awareness of reliable numerical readings
  • People with good knowledge of web business



Gunma Camp